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Welcome to Granny's Place! The anti-reviewer site.

Meet Mrs. Gaggle and her husband, Homer

Hello, dearies. Welcome to my web. I'm a little old decrepit granny with lots of time on my hands here in my island bungalow where I've grown crotchety in my old age, giving me plenty of time to vent my post-hormonal rage and write scathing comments with my rapier wit, which I hone by casting hexes on innocent children and three-legged animals.

The purpose of this website (if there actually is a purpose, other than sharpening my writing ability that I use for no constructive means whatsoever) is to keep in check all those who wish to keep us in check. Useless snipery and viperish criticism is the goal we are striving to abolish.

So come in, look around, send us a little note, dearie. But beware! If you aren't tooting MY horn, I shall immediately cut you off at the pass. There is no opinion expressed here that is not my opinion. And my opinion rules, lambkins. Enjoy!

Coming Soon!

I will be using this space to post author comments (sans author's name, of course) so that they may vent their collective spleens about those snide, I-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-my life-than-lob-verbal-grenades reviewers (ie., someone with a name suspiciously close to Mrs. Gaggles, and those oh-so-amusing folks at Laurie Hates Romance - little granny humor there :> - who believe they are the only ones with something to say (and they say it with such daring smugness, don't they?)

But no more! My superheroine cape is billowing in the breeze (and very crisply, I might add. You should see it). So speak to Mrs. Gaggles, dearies. You shall be heard. (But, ahem, don't forget Mrs. Gaggles rules. My word is law, yadda-yadda . . .)

Talking To Hear Myself Speak

Yes, Granny Gaggle will vent her own spleen once in a while. I, too, have vast grand opinions about books and movies. And we shall discuss such foolery as the venerated (gag) RITA award, where the least hated writer wins (or the biggest butt-kisser.) May I ask what brain surgeon thought up a contest where writers judge other writers? Did I mention those writers were WOMEN?

A Guestbook? Perhaps.

Let Mrs. Gaggles know how you feel. If I don't like your opinion, well of course I will evoke one of my many illustrious liberties (truth, justice, and Mrs. Gaggle's for President) and zap your post (and leave a taunting reminder of your banishment in its spot. He-he.) I'm old, kiddies. In other words, I've got an ax to grind. My hormones are whacked out. What can I say?

Contact Granny

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send an e-mail to your local congressman, priest, rabbi, butcher, baker, or candlestick maker.

Or go to the Contact Granny link. But remember that Granny naps in the afternoon.