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Thoughts From Granny 12-2

An interesting twist....

Granny has been very busy as of late, especially with Thanksgiving. All of Granny's many children and grandchildren came by. So I've not had time to update. But I thought some of you may be interested to know how curiously the world works.

While the authors (many of whom have contacted Granny with kind comments - thank you, dearies) are told to buck up and take it when their work is reviewed (IOW, ridiculed and sneered at) what should happen when poor Granny came out in defense of this snipery and basically senseless remarks some of these supposed reviewers?


GASP!!!!!!!!!! Do you mean .... reviewers might (double gasp! - get Granny's oxygen tank) have ... feelings?

AND TRIPLE GASP!!!!!!! Some of them were not nice to Granny!

It seems we are living in a world of double standards, my pets. While it is all right for certain reviewers to mock, it is NOT all right for anyone to mock the reviewers.


Granny's next poll may have to address this issue.