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Reader Email 12-8

Ordinary folk sharing their thoughts....

Some have been sniveling that Granny is writing emails to herself just because Granny chooses to let the folks who email her stay anonymous. Granny wants to foster a place where people are not afraid to speak their minds (ahem, unlike certain review sites who monitor each and every poster - and some who even go so far as to use "decode" programs. Wouldn't want those wily authors or people who'd like to remain anonymous to be able to do so now, would we?)

Anywho, at Granny's place all thoughts (good or bad) are welcome. Should the writer of the email wish for me to post their name and/or email address, Granny is happy to do so.


About a recent Mrs. Giggles' Rant...

NOTE: Granny intends to put in her own .02 about Mrs. Giggles' ridiculous rantings entitled (not surprisingly) "Are Online Romance Authors Stupid or Just Plain Misguided?" She IS so original, isn't she? (We love you, too, Giggly-puss).

But, for the moment, read what one sage emailer had to say to Granny . . .


Hi - I read your recent article and agree. I've been bothered about the division and animosity between the on-line romance community groups and don't know what attitudes like Mrs. Giggles could possibly do to improve anything.

Mrs. Giggles recent rant seems to be exaggerated and misleading, demanding and self-involved. For example, what does she expect authors to say about the Cindi Louis incident? I think one can correctly assume that writers are opposed to plagiarism, but also that it is tricky to discuss because of the legal ramifications. But I think writers have been tapering off AAR postings for a year or more anyway. My own belief is that a couple of other incidents before the Hatcher event discouraged authors. Who wants to waste so much time only to get their heads cut off?

I'm not sure why she (Mrs. Giggles) thinks people will listen to her when she calls them "idiot coward authors" and "drooling, brainless fangirls," so while it's interesting to organize romance readers like TV show fans, I'm having trouble with a couple of points. One is that I have the impression that not everyone will cooperate with what she wants to campaign for, and two, she doesn't say 'what' she's campaigning for.

One thing I think Giggles doesn't acknowledge is that fan sites are based on friendship and support and people are more likely to cooperate and care. It's the catch more flies with sugar thing, I guess.

I've been thinking for a long time that the critics can't take criticism, and they're public figures, and open to it as much as writers, actors, and politicians.

Maybe there are just too many people involved online now with too many people coming and going for there to be peace these days, I really don't know. But I wonder who is really laughing at who?


Granny says: A voice of reason in the barren desert of negativity that is online review sites.