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(New) Reader Mail 3-11-03


(NEW!) Reader Mail 3-11-03

Hello, dearies! After a long hiatus, in which Granny and Grandpa Gaggles got their swerve on under a variety of palm trees in a balmy retirement village in Florida (and where, in our rare free moments, we made voodoo dolls in the likeness of certain reviewers - you know who you are) Granny is back. Even from afar, Granny still heard your tales of the horror that is the online romance community, and she made a special voodoo doll for Ms. Gold - not a particularly pretty sight, I have to admit, but accurately depicted with its fingers in its ears so that it need not hear an opinion that does not correspond with that of its human counterpart. Could it be, in this day and age, that readers who have turned their (ahem) passion for reading into a (ahem) warm and fuzzy place for like-minded individuals (read: not authors) could actually ask people to vote for THE WORST BOOK OF THE YEAR? How, pray tell, is this productive? Ms. Gold, you are a mystery - one we wish would stay buried, and of which the value will not improve with age.


Granny will return shortly will some interesting emails!