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Reader Mail 11-24-02

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Update! 11-24-02

Oh, Mrs. Gaggles has been very busy. Many visitors stopped by over the weekend. Welcome, dearies! So lovely to have you come keep old Granny company. Mr. Gaggles has been hacking up a lung (poor dear) and his rheumatoid arthritis is keeping him bed bound, but Granny Gaggles will still be getting her freak on tonight. Er, I mean she'll tend to darling Grandpa Gaggles.

Well wishes to Granny Gaggles

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Loved your website.

You're welcome, my dear. One must do what one can to keep things fair. It's only right that the other half have a say. ~Smooches, Granny Gaggles

I absolutely love your sight and your humorous way of saying things. You have, again, made my day. I have bookmarked the sight and will go here daily for updates.

Granny is thrilled to have you, lambkin. We do our best to bring a ray of light into an otherwise dreary world full of those we-don't-understand-the-meaning-of-constructive-criticism reviewers. They are so very tedious, aren't they? ~Hugs, Granny G

Why don't you do some comments on those anonymous reviewers of mass market romance at Publishers Weekly?

Oh, you lovely child! Have you been reading Granny's mind? Why, just the other day Granny was wondering about this same thing. Isn't it so nice to be able to tear people to shreds and be anonymous? Granny Gaggles knows (chuckle). So does Granny's wicked counterpart (come in, Singapore. Are you there?) Why, one wonders, can't PW show the names of these erudite, omnipotent people who deign to filthy themselves with the (gasp) romance novel? Could it be they are hiding out from the FBI? Are they in protective custody? Why, pray tell, the secrecy? Could someone enlighten Granny?

Mystery of the Ages - Who ARE the reviewers at Publishers Weekly?